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Naruto 60 Day Challenge Day 18- Favorite Taijutsu: Everything Rock Lee Does! When you think of taijutsu you automatically think of Rock Lee! It’s the only thing the boy can do and he is THE MASTER at it! So basically this whole post is dedicated to how AWESOME ROCK LEE IS! I put three pictures of Lee’s taijutsu up for enjoyment :) The first is Lee kicking Naruto’s a** with nothing but taijutsu! Even with leg weights on Lee is the fastest and best taijutsu ninja ever! The second is Rock Lee opening up the third chakra gate because those gates were pretty legit and scary :/ It’s no easy feat to open the eight gates and I’m not surprised one bit that Rock Lee could do it! And the third picture is Rock Lee’s Drunken Fist because it’s hilarious :D

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